Wasteland – 3D Landscape Wallpaper

Threatening clouds rendered with Vue 7 xStream. Click on the preview for the 2560×1600 version. 1600×1200 render available here.


I’m happy to pronounce that “Wasteland” is today’s Picture of the Day at e-on software’s website!  Check it out here.

6 thoughts on “Wasteland – 3D Landscape Wallpaper

  1. Oh how I wanted to comment this one , but it leaves me speechless. I leave it to tell what it has in it by it self.
    By the way keep doing this dark images.

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  3. I’m glad to see more of your great artwork! I worry that when it gets more scarce, I won’t see another piece of it again. Keep on putting out amazing pieces like this, and I’ll visit your website for 8 more years! I still remember nightprowler.de :D

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  6. I love the clouds in this wallpaper. Good work! The only complaint I have about your work is that there isn’t enough of it!

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