6 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I frequently use photos and other art to convey meanings or a message. I run a support group for chronic pain and depression and photos such as this create a wonderful backdrop for posts and other information. The photo elicits a calmness as soon as I viewed it and enhances whatever information is included.

    Really beautiful art here and I am happy to tell you that I shall be returning frequently, for my own calm! I do hope I can use these in my presentations. Artist and web info is always included!

    Thank you for a small piece of beauty from my most memorable residences! I lived near Garmisch for several years, and those are the happiest days of my life!

  2. I write you to inquire of the initiative that I had to take your image and to use it to do photoedits. Your name and a link to the site appears under my creation, and if you wish it, I can send you a link to it.
    Sincerly yours,

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