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It’s a…. Mandelbulb

So what’s that? A Mandelbulb?? Wikipedia explains it.


These two images were done with “Mandelbulber”, a nice piece of Open Source software. You can get it here. Another interesting link: Mandelbulb: The Unravelling of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal.



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  1. Paul Wilson

    Best that some stay as fixed images rather than zoom in on you, setting off a panic reaction ! It – seems to come out of the screen to gulf you ! I have a phobia !

    The 2-D Mandlebrot does not do that to me….

  2. leah

    Fantastique image mandelbulber.
    J’ai installé ce programme après avoir visité ce site. Ouhaou! Merci. Thanks.
    Je désire y retrouver cette image pour y voyager. Quel est le nom du paramétrage dans Mandelbulber ?

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