Vue 9. Click on the preview for the full size picture (2560×1600, 703 KB).

Glory - Shifted Reality Wallpaper

Mount Aciyu

Created with Vue 8 xStream. 2 color variations – I prefer the black and white version. 1600×1200 available here: 1600×1200 color | 1600×1200 b+w

Wasteland – 3D Landscape Wallpaper

Threatening clouds rendered with Vue 7 xStream. Click on the preview for the 2560×1600 version. 1600×1200 render available here.


I’m happy to pronounce that “Wasteland” is today’s Picture of the Day at e-on software’s website!  Check it out here.

Spectral2 – Vue 7 xStream Cloud Test

Not particularly a wallpaper, but I thought I share it with you :-)
Spectral II cloud layers are a new feature of Vue 7 xStream, and I really like it. This is a first test render, it still needs touching up. Read more about the new Vue Atmosphere Engine here.


More (and better) images featuring Spectral II cloud layers soon…