Some desktop screenshots…

… from around the world. From time to time people send me screenshots of their desktop featuring one of my pictures as a wallpaper. Here are some of them. I really enjoy to see how people use my pictures to (hopefully) beautify their everyday PC experience, so keep them coming!

desktopbz2 149796-ubuntu-9-10-conky-awn-0-3-9-14484 110500-fluxbox--conky--adesklets-41162 18phpZ2wzFv.full 142101-conky-screenlets-cairo-dock-water-plugin--42842 110731-1 desktop-ep35ds4a


My best creation ever

New wallpapers soon – Sorry folks, I was too busy the last two months.
Here’s the reason:

I’m sure you’ll forgive me my lack of updates :-)