Working on new pictures

After a long time I’ve started to work on new 3D rendered pictures today. There’s a lot of work in progress, so stay tuned. Tonite I’m trying to create realistic looking rocks and rock formations with Vue, as you can see in the two examples below (a quick test render and theĀ corresponding wireframe in Vue).

rocktest1 rocktest_wireframe1

After quite a long break I must say that I really enjoy working with Vue and other 3D software again. It’s great to create new worlds with just your imagination and your computer. First results soon!


Some desktop screenshots…

… from around the world. From time to time people send me screenshots of their desktop featuring one of my pictures as a wallpaper. Here are some of them. I really enjoy to see how people use my pictures to (hopefully) beautify their everyday PC experience, so keep them coming!

desktopbz2 149796-ubuntu-9-10-conky-awn-0-3-9-14484 110500-fluxbox--conky--adesklets-41162 18phpZ2wzFv.full 142101-conky-screenlets-cairo-dock-water-plugin--42842 110731-1 desktop-ep35ds4a