Spectral2 – Vue 7 xStream Cloud Test

Not particularly a wallpaper, but I thought I share it with you :-)
Spectral II cloud layers are a new feature of Vue 7 xStream, and I really like it. This is a first test render, it still needs touching up. Read more about the new Vue Atmosphere Engine here.


More (and better) images featuring Spectral II cloud layers soon…

6 Responses to “Spectral2 – Vue 7 xStream Cloud Test”

  1. You’re back!

    For a long time, I was hoping that another wallpaper from SR might show up… but there was only photos. Great photos, but I don’t like real world images as a wallpaper… so I was just hoping.
    And here they are, 3 in a series. Even this one is very nice in its simplicity – looking forward for more!

  2. Yeah, I’m back :-)
    After years of creating 3D wallpapers, I just needed to take a break from it. But now I’m really excited about that 3D stuff again… So be sure to expect more soon. Thanks for your visit!

  3. I LOVE these pics! Very very good! 😀

  4. Nice render!
    Hard to get in touch with you.
    Can you please email me? (I can’t seem to find your email here) I may need a little help.
    I am the founder of Onesize (onesize.nl) and like to get in touch with a Vue expert like yourself.


  5. Hello, I would like to use your photo, this desktop specifically. I will credit you if you want, I just wanted permission.


  6. Hi there,
    permission granted, credits required.

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