Groboto – A 3D system for artists

I just discovered an exciting piece of 3D software: Groboto. At the moment I’m playin’ around with the demo version, and I’m really impressed. You can create amazing abstract structures with this program, be sure to visit the gallery at I really love abstract 3D models and can’t wait to get my full version next week. Below is a screenshot of the user interface (click for full size).



  1. I bought a copy of this over the summer. Looks like a great tool, kinda like Xfrog. The only problem is that the meshes it makes a huge. You can easily go over 200 MB on a single model and that will choke even the hardiest workstation.

    Have you been able to make anything cool with it?

  2. Not yet, but I’m workin’ on it :-) Hopefully I will post some images in the next few days…

  3. Tell me please where i can possibly buy the same tool? I’m interested in it.

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